USU Design Tools Training

3.2: Template Pages

Template pages ensure the course has a consistent look. It is easier to apply a template to a new page than to recreate a page from scratch.

The USU Design Tools provide two types of template pages: Primary and Secondary.

Primary Template
Primary Template pages should include an introduction or overview to a module.
Secondary Template
Secondary Template pages are used for all other content pages within a.

To create a template page

  1. On the Course Navigation menu, click Template Wizard.
  2. On the main Wizard Tools page, click Create/Edit Page Templates.
  3. On the Page Templates page, do one of the following:
    1. Click Create Primary Template Page to create a template for module introduction or overview pages.
    2. Click Create Secondary Template Page to create a template for module and general content pages.
  4. On the new template page, click Launch USU Design Tools.
  5. Use the USU Design Tools to add a theme, sections, and any custom items to course pages.
  6. Click Save.

To apply a template to a page

Apply a template to a blank page so that it matches the course format.

WARNING: This command will completely overwrite any existing content on the page with the selected template.

  1. Open the page for editing.
  2. Click Launch USU Design Tools.
  3. On the Design menu, click Sections.
  4. In the Sections panel, click Copy Existing.
    section panel
  5. In the Import Content from Page panel, select the template to use.
    Import content from page panel
  6. Click Save.