USU Design Tools Training

3.4: Images

The Template Wizard uploads and crops images for use in a front page theme.

Upload and crop theme images

Note: Use the USU Design Tools to apply a front page theme. See Apply Themes to Content Pages.

The Image Tools page contains the ratios for the front page themes. When uploading a picture, select a theme and the tool creates a crop box in the correct size. Choose from predefined ratios for the image size.

To upload a theme image

  1. On the Course Navigation menu, click Template Wizard.
  2. On the main Wizard Tools page, click Work with Images.
  3. On the Image Tools page, click Choose File.
  4. On the computer, select the image to use.
  5. On the Image Tools page, select a theme or ratio.
  6. Drag the crop box of the part of the image to use. (For a full-sized image, do not select a theme or ratio, instead use the cursor to draw a box around the image.)
  7. In the Image Name box, type a name for the image (optional).
  8. Click Add Image.

Replace a theme image

The Image tool replaces the image in a front page theme with different image

To replace the image in a front page theme

  1. Upload and crop the image in the Template Wizard. See Upload and crop theme images.
  2. Open the page that contains the front-page theme.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. On the edit page, click Launch USU Design Tools.
  5. In the Rich Content editor, click the existing image.
  6. Click Canvas Tools.
  7. On the Canvas Tools menu, click the Images tab.
  8. Select the new image.
  9. Click Save.