USU Design Tools Training

1.1: Content Tools

Content tools customize the content of Front, Content, Discussions, and Assignment pages:

  • Style content with predefined themes
  • Insert boilerplate sections and content
  • Duplicate existing content pages 
  • Apply styles from the Canvas Style Guide, including:
    • Accordions and Tabbed content
    • Buttons
    • Highlights, Alerts, and Emphasis
    • Modal windows, Tooltips and Popovers
  • Adjust element colors, borders, margins and padding
  • Add progress bars
  • Add icons containing social media links
  • Customize links, headings and lists
  • Write objectives and other content supported by Bloom's Revised Taxonomy


Launching USU Design Tools

USU Design Tools Main Menu

Interface Details

The USU Design Tools menu displays the available tools in an accordion view.

Editor View Selects the Labels, Sections, or Preview view.
Themes Adds a theme to the page, customizes color, and specifies a custom style sheet.
Sections Adds new and predefined sections to the page. Rearranges sections
Navigation Items Adds predefined navigation items.
Module List Adds links to each of the course modules.
Social Media Links Adds links to social media.
Accessibility Checking Toggles color on or off to help check for content that relies on color for meaning.
Accordion/Tabs Adds an accordion or tabbed widget to the page.
Advanced Lists Adds lists to the page.
Borders & Spacing Applies borders, margins and padding to a selected element.
Buttons Adds buttons and provides customization options for the button.
Highlights/Alerts/Emphasis Adds block alerts or inline emphasis.
Image Layout Tools Modifies the selected image with Float and Width options.
Popup Content/Read More Adds Modals windows, tooltips, and popovers.
Progress Bar Adds a progress bar to a section or page.
Quick Check Adds an ungraded question that gives the student instant feedback.
Tables Adds custom tables to the page.

The USU Design Tools menu also contains the following buttons:

  • Icons – Opens a selection of custom icons.         
  • Bloom’s Revised – Provides a list of action verbs to insert into the content.
  • Clear Empty Elements – Removes extra elements from the page.
  • Remove Tag – Removes the formatting tags from a selected element.
  • Delete Tab – Deletes the selected element and its contents

For information on using the Custom Content Tools, see Chapter 2: Using the Custom Content Editor.