USU Design Tools Training

1.3: Syllabus Tool

The Syllabus tool provides preformatted section headings and content. Preformatted content includes:

  • Institution-defined objectives
  • Bloom's Revised Taxonomy terms
  • The Canvas course grade scheme
  • Institutional policies and procedures

Launch the Syllabus tool by opening the Syllabus page for editing, and then clicking the Launch USU Design Tools button.

Custom Syllabus Tools Main Menu

Like the Design Tool menu, the Syllabus tool menu contains the Editor View, an accordion pane with different items to add to the syllabus, the About USU Design Tools section, and buttons to clear empty elements, unwrap elements, or delete selected elements.

Section Function
Information Adds an information section to the syllabus. An information section contains course information such as title, number, term, and instructor.
Outcomes Add an outcomes section to the syllabus. Outcomes are statements created to define and measure desired student behavior.
Resources Adds a resources section to the syllabus. Learning resources are materials provided to achieve learning outcomes.
Activities Adds an activities section to the syllabus. Activities are opportunities for students to gain or demonstrate knowledge and skills.
Grades Adds a grades section to the syllabus. The Grades moves existing assignment details from the bottom of the page into the syllabus body.
Policies Adds a policies section to the syllabus. Policies inform the students of the teacher’s expectations and practices.
Syllabus Section Wrappers Adds new or predefined section headings. Rearranges the order of sections on the page.

For more information on the Syllabus tools, see Chapter 4, "Using the Syllabus Tool."