USU Design Tools Training

2.3: Tools Variables JS

Use this information to customize USU Design Tools for an institution.

The following sections outline the parts of USU Design Tools found in the tools_variables.js file that can be adjusted or customized for an institution.

The following labels are provided to point out areas that may need to be customized:

Can be customized if desired
Should be customized
Includes information that needs to be updated for each institution

By default, USU Design Tools are available to anyone with permissions to edit content in a Canvas course. The following options are available for limiting access to USU Design Tools by Role or Canvas User ID.

Limiting by Role

    // OPTIONAL: Limit tools loading by users role
    klLimitByRole: false,
    // Change klLimitByRole to "true" to limit to roles in the klRoleArray array
    // adjust roles as needed
    klRoleArray: [

If you wish to limit access to USU Design Tools by a user's Canvas Role

  1. Change the klLimitByRole to true
  2. Remove the roles from the klRoleArray that you do not want to have access.
Note: At the present time the only roles available are admin, teacher, student and user.

Limiting by Canvas User ID

    // OPTIONAL: Limit tools to an array of Canvas user IDs
    klLimitByUser: false,
    // Change klLimitByUser to "true" to limit to users in the klUserArray array
    // klUserArray is the Canvas user ID not the SIS user ID
    klUserArray: [

If you wish to limit access to USU Design Tools by a user's Canvas ID

  1. Change the klLimitByUser to true
  2. Add a user's Canvas ID to the klUserArray.
Note: This must be a user's Canvas ID not an SIS or any other ID.

You can add or remove themes that you would like included in USU Design Tools.

Front Page Themes

The following are included in the tools by default. To customize the theme find the matching class in the CSS file.

    // To add a theme, add the class here and add a thumbnail to the {toolspath}/images/template_thumbs folder 
    // Frontpage thumbnails approx 225px X 106px
    klFrontPageThemeArray: [

Content Themes

The following are included in the tools by default. To customize the theme find the matching class in the CSS file.

    // To add a theme, add the class here and add a thumbnail to the {toolspath}/images/template_thumbs folder 
    // WikiPage thumbnails approx 116px x 116px
    // Themes without a description div
    klPagesThemeArray: [

Match Canvas Background Color

Themes in the following array will receive the grey default background color of Canvas.

    // The templates in this list will match the Canvas background color
    klMatchCanvasBackgroundTemplates: [

Show Canvas Page Heading

By default the page title provided by Canvas will be hidden in favor of the page title created by USU Design Tools. Add a theme to this array to override that behavior.

    // Templates in this list will not hide the Canvas page title by default
    klShowPageTitleTemplates: [

Themes with Additional Information

Themes in the following array will receive an additional section with a subtitle and a description area.

    // Themes with a bottom banner div (includes subtitle and description)
    // To add a theme, add the class here and add a thumbnail to the {toolspath}/images/template_thumbs folder 
    klBottomBannerPagesThemeArray: ['kl_emta'],

The following code controls what color swatches will be available when the colorpicker is used within USU Design Tools.

The first row of colors should be replaced by official institution colors and the additional colors can be modified as desired.

    // Colors included in this array will be included as swatches in the colorpicker
    klThemeColors: [
        ['#003366', '#AC8D73', '#A4AEB5', '#0F2439'],
        ['#000', '#444', '#666', '#999', '#ccc', '#eee', '#f3f3f3', '#fff'],
        ['#f4cccc', '#fce5cd', '#fff2cc', '#d9ead3', '#d0e0e3', '#cfe2f3', '#d9d2e9', '#ead1dc'],
        ['#ea9999', '#f9cb9c', '#ffe599', '#b6d7a8', '#a2c4c9', '#9fc5e8', '#b4a7d6', '#d5a6bd'],
        ['#e06666', '#f6b26b', '#ffd966', '#93c47d', '#76a5af', '#6fa8dc', '#8e7cc3', '#c27ba0'],
        ['#c00', '#e69138', '#f1c232', '#6aa84f', '#45818e', '#3d85c6', '#674ea7', '#a64d79'],
        ['#900', '#b45f06', '#bf9000', '#38761d', '#134f5c', '#0b5394', '#351c75', '#741b47'],
        ['#600', '#783f04', '#7f6000', '#274e13', '#0c343d', '#073763', '#20124d', '#4c1130']

USU Design Tools can be used to select from additional objectives in the Syllabus portion of a Canvas course.

By default USU Design Tools supports IDEA Objectives. To replace the IDEA Objectives with another set of variables:

  1. Change the klUseAdditionalOutcomesTitle value to match the new objectives.
  2. Add new objectives to the array.
    Content wrapped in <span class="kl_additional_outcome_text"></span> will be inserted into the syllabus editor when selected.

To remove this feature from USU Design Tools change klUseAdditionalOutcomes to false.

// Do you want additional outcomes in the syllabus tools klUseAdditionalOutcomes: true, // Title for button and dialog box klUseAdditionalOutcomesTitle: 'IDEA Objectives', // Outcomes: The text within the .kl_additional_outcome_text span will be inserted, text outside that span is for display purposes only klAdditionalOutcomes: [ '<span class="kl_additional_outcome_text">Gaining factual knowledge (terminology, classifications, methods, trends)</span> - IDEA Objective 1</a></li>', '<span class="kl_additional_outcome_text">Learning fundamental principles, generalizations, or theories</span> - IDEA Objective 2</a></li>', '<span class="kl_additional_outcome_text">Learning to Apply Course Material (to improve thinking, problem solving, and decisions)</span> - IDEA Objective 3</a></li>', '<span class="kl_additional_outcome_text">Developing specific skills, competencies, and points of view needed by professionals in the field most closely related to this course</span> - IDEA Objective 4</a></li>', '<span class="kl_additional_outcome_text">Acquiring skills in working with others as a member of a team</span> - IDEA Objective 5</a></li>', '<span class="kl_additional_outcome_text">Developing creative capacities (writing, inventing, designing, performing in art, music, drama, etc.)</span> - IDEA Objective 6</a></li>', '<span class="kl_additional_outcome_text">Gaining a broader understanding and appreciation of intellectual/cultural activity</span> - IDEA Objective 7</a></li>', '<span class="kl_additional_outcome_text">Developing skill in expressing myself orally or in writing</span> - IDEA Objective 8</a></li>', '<span class="kl_additional_outcome_text">Learning how to find and use resources for answering questions or solving problems</span> - IDEA Objective 9</a></li>', '<span class="kl_additional_outcome_text">Developing a clearer understanding of, and commitment to, personal values</span> - IDEA Objective 10</a></li>', '<span class="kl_additional_outcome_text">Learning to analyze and critically evaluate ideas, arguments, and points of view</span> - IDEA Objective 11</a></li>', '<span class="kl_additional_outcome_text">Acquiring an interest in learning more by asking questions and seeking answers</span> - IDEA Objective 12</a></li>' ],

USU Design Tools will add the Canvas CSS to the content editor to help the content match what it will look like when saved.

If the styles do not load properly, check the following against the CSS files loaded in the head of a Canvas page and update the numbers after the "?" if needed.

    // To show Canvas styles in the editor, check the following against the stylesheets loaded in the head of a Canvas page
    // You may need to update the numbers at the end
    vendor_legacy_normal_contrast: '/assets/vendor_legacy_normal_contrast.css?1418937392',
    common_legacy_normal_contrast: '/assets/common_legacy_normal_contrast.css?1418937393',

Some of functions in USU Design Tools utilize the Canvas API and call to external PHP files. These include the ability to:

  • Copy content from an existing Canvas page.
  • Import institutional policies and procedures from a configured Canvas course.

If you do not wish to use these additional functions, change usePHP to false.

    // PHP Tools: Part of the tools allow you to pull content from existing pages including institutional policies and procedures
    // Change to false if you do not have access to PHP for this part of the tools
    usePHP: true,

USU Design Tools can import institutional policies and procedures from a Canvas course content page to insert into a course syllabus. These policies and procedures are updated each time a syllabus is saved allowing the information to be gathered in one place and eliminating the need for course creators to hunt down this information.

To utilize this aspect of the tools:

  1. Create a Canvas course to hold the information
  2. Create a page name "Policies and Procedures"
  3. Set the value of klToolTemplatesCourseID to the ID of the created course
  4. Grant edit rights to whoever will be keeping the policies up to date.
    // Institutional policies and procedures need to be included in a Canvas course with a page named "Policies and Procedures" include the Canvas course ID here
    klToolTemplatesCourseID: '343656',

This portion of USU Design Tools setup contains the default content for boilerplate sections. Each section can be configured according to need or left as is.

Recommended: Change the content of klPagesFooterSection to contain a default email for current institution.
// The following is the default template code for the template sections you can change icons or other aspects but do not change div ID's // To add a new section, set the variable with the html content and then add it to the array of section names // Base html variables for sections // klPagesBanner: '<div id="kl_banner"><h2><span id="kl_banner_left"><span class="kl_mod_text">Text </span><span class="kl_mod_num">## </span>' + ' </span>' + ' <span id="kl_banner_right">' + ' Title' + ' </span></h2>' + ' </div>', klPagesBottomBanner: '<div id="kl_banner_bottom">' + '<h3>Subtitle</h3>' + '<div id="kl_description">' + ' Description' + '</div>' + '</div>', klPagesBannerImage: '<div id="kl_banner_image"><img class="kl_image_full_width" style="width: 100%; height: auto; max-width: 100%;" src="" alt="home page banner" /></div>', klPagesNavSection: '<div id="kl_navigation">' + '<ul>' + ' <li><a class="icon-forward" title="start here" href="/courses/' + coursenum + '/pages/start-here">Start Here</a></li>' + ' <li><a class="icon-syllabus" title="syllabus" href="/courses/' + coursenum + '/assignments/syllabus">Syllabus</a></li>' + ' <li><a class="icon-module" title="modules" href="/courses/' + coursenum + '/modules">Modules</a></li>' + ' <li><a class="icon-add" title="more resources" href="/courses/' + coursenum + '/pages/more-resources">More Resources</a></li>' + '</ul>' + '</div>', klPagesIntroductionSection: '<div id="kl_introduction">' + ' <p>Add some introductory text to discuss this module</p>' + '</div>', klPagesObjectiveSection: '<div id="kl_objectives">' + ' <h3 class="icon-rubric-dark">Objectives</h3>' + ' <ol id="kl_objective_list">' + ' <li>Describe this</li>' + ' <li>Define that</li>' + ' <li>Identify this</li>' + ' </ol>' + '</div>', klPagesReadingsSection: '<div id="kl_readings">' + ' <h3 class="icon-document">Readings</h3>' + ' <ol>' + ' <li>Reading 1</li>' + ' <li>Reading 2</li>' + ' </ol>' + '</div>', klPagesLectureSection: '<div id="kl_lectures">' + ' <h3 class="icon-video">Lectures</h3>' + ' <p>[Insert video(s) here]</p>' + '</div>', klPagesActivitySection: '<div id="kl_activities">' + ' <h3 class="icon-standards">Activities</h3>' + ' <ul>' + ' <li>Discuss the following</li>' + ' <li>Submit the following</li>' + ' <li>Quiz</li>' + ' </ul>' + '</div>', klPagesAssignmentSection: '<div id="kl_assignments">' + ' <h3 class="icon-assignment">Assignments</h3>' + ' <p>Assignment Description</p>' + '</div>', klPagesAttributionSection: '<div id="kl_image_attribution">Image attribution here.</div>', klPagesModulesSection: '<div id="kl_modules">&nbsp;</div>', klPagesFooterSection: '<div id="kl_contact_footer">' + ' First Last, Ph.D. &nbsp;| ' + ' &nbsp;; | ' + ' &nbsp;Department<br />' + ' <span class="usu-copyright">Materials in this course may be copyright protected. Please do not distribute them without permission of the copyright holder.</span>' + '</div>', klPagesSocialMediaSection: '<div id="kl_social_media">&nbsp;</div>',

Each variable in the section above has a matching entry in the klPagesSections array. The text before the semicolon will be the ID given to the section when added to a course while the text after the semicolon points to the variable containing the boilerplate text.

To create a new section:

  1. Create a variable like those in the section of code above
  2. Create a matching entry in the klPagesSections array

To remove a section simply comment out or delete the entry from the klPagesSections array.

    // Array of section names and their corresponding html ('section id': variableHoldingHTML)
    klPagesSections: {
        'kl_introduction': klToolsVariables.klPagesIntroductionSection,
        'kl_objectives': klToolsVariables.klPagesObjectiveSection,
        'kl_readings': klToolsVariables.klPagesReadingsSection,
        'kl_lectures': klToolsVariables.klPagesLectureSection,
        'kl_activities': klToolsVariables.klPagesActivitySection,
        'kl_assignments': klToolsVariables.klPagesAssignmentSection,
        'kl_banner': klToolsVariables.klPagesBanner,
        'kl_banner_image': klToolsVariables.klPagesBannerImage,
        'kl_navigation': klToolsVariables.klPagesNavSection,
        'kl_image_attribution': klToolsVariables.klPagesAttributionSection,
        'kl_modules': klToolsVariables.klPagesModulesSection,
        'kl_contact_footer': klToolsVariables.klPagesFooterSection,
        'kl_social_media': klToolsVariables.klPagesSocialMediaSection

This portion of USU Design Tools setup contains the default content for syllabus boilerplate sections. Each section can be configured according to need or left as is.

Required: Change the content of the following sections:
  1. klSyllabusCanvasInfo should contain the Canvas login and support information for the current institution.
  2. klSyllabusCourseText contains a link to institution's bookstore.
Recommended: The following sections contain example institutional email addresses that should be customized:
  1. klSyllabusInstructors
  2. klSyllabusAdditionalInstructor
  3. klSyllabusTeachingAssistants
  4. klSyllabusAdditionalTeachingAssistant
//// Contact Information //// klSyllabusInformation: '<div id="kl_syllabus_information">' + ' <p>Course Title | Term Year</p>' + ' <h3>CONTACT INFORMATION</h3>' + '</div>', // Instructor klSyllabusInstructors: '<div class="kl_syllabus_instructors" style="margin-left:10px;">' + ' <h4>Instructor</h4>' + ' <ul style="list-style-type: none;">' + ' <li>Teacher Name</li>' + ' <li>797-1000</li>' + ' <li></li>' + ' </ul>' + ' <h5>Office Hours</h5>' + ' <p>List hours</p>' + '</div>', klSyllabusAdditionalInstructor: '<div class="kl_syllabus_additional_instructor"><h4>Instructor</h4>' + ' <ul style="list-style-type: none;">' + ' <li>Teacher Name</li>' + ' <li>797-1000</li>' + ' <li></li>' + ' </ul>' + ' <h5>Office Hours</h5>' + ' <p>List hours</p>' + '</div>', // Teacher Assistant klSyllabusTeachingAssistants: '<div class="kl_syllabus_teaching_assistant" style="margin-left:10px;"><h4>Teaching Assistant</h4>' + ' <ul style="list-style-type: none;">' + ' <li>TA Name</li>' + ' <li></li>' + ' </ul>' + '</div>', klSyllabusAdditionalTeachingAssistant: '<div class="kl_syllabus_additional_teaching_assistant"><h4>Teaching Assistant</h4>' + ' <ul style="list-style-type: none;">' + ' <li>TA Name</li>' + ' <li></li>' + ' </ul>' + '</div>', // Course Description klSyllabusCourseDescription: '<div class="kl_syllabus_course_description" style="margin-left:10px;">' + ' <h4>Course Description</h4>' + ' <p>Text</p>' + '</div>', //// Learning Outcomes //// klSyllabusOutcomes: '<div id="kl_syllabus_outcomes">' + ' <h3>LEARNING OUTCOMES</h3>' + '</div>', // Course Outcomes klSyllabusLearningOutcomes: '<div class="kl_syllabus_learning_outcomes" style="margin-left:10px;">' + ' <h4>Outcomes</h4>' + ' <p>Upon completion of this course you will be able to:</p>' + ' <ul>' + ' <li>Outcome text here.</li>' + ' </ul>' + '</div>', //// Course Resources //// klSyllabusResources: '<div id="kl_syllabus_resources">' + ' <h3>LEARNING RESOURCES</h3>' + '</div>', // Course Tech Requirements klSyllabusCanvasInfo: '<div class="kl_syllabus_canvas_info" style="margin-left:10px;">' + ' <h4>Canvas</h4>' + ' <p>Canvas is the where course content, grades, and communication will reside for this course.</p>' + ' <ul>' + ' <li><a class="external" href="" target="_blank"></a></li>' + ' <ul>' + ' <li>Your <strong>username</strong> is your <strong>A#</strong>, and your <strong>password</strong> is your global password (the same one you use for Banner or Aggiemail).</li>' + ' </ul>' + ' <li>For <a class="external" href="" target="_blank">Canvas</a>,' + ' <a class="external" href="" target="_blank">Passwords</a>,' + ' or any other computer-related technical support contact the <a class="external" href="" target="_blank">IT Service Desk</a>.</li>' + ' <ul>' + ' <li>435 797-4357 (797-HELP)</li>' + ' <li>877 878-8325</li>' + ' <li><a class="external" href="" target="_blank"></a></li>' + ' <li><a href=""></a></li>' + ' </ul>' + ' </ul>' + '</div>', // Course Software klSyllabusCourseSoftware: '<div class="kl_syllabus_software" style="margin-left:10px;">' + ' <h4>Software</h4>' + ' <p>Text</p>' + '</div>', // Textbook klSyllabusCourseText: '<div class="kl_syllabus_textbook_readings" style="margin-left:10px;">' + ' <h4>Textbook & Reading Materials</h4>' + ' <p>The text for this class will be' + ' The Course Syllabus: A Learning-Centered Approach by O&rsquo;brein, Millis &amp; Cohen, second edition, published by Jossey-Bass, ISDN#047019617.&nbsp;<br />' + ' You may purchase this book at the' + ' <a class="external" href="" target="_blank">USU bookstore</a>&nbsp;or online.' + ' Make sure you get the second edition!</p>' + '</div>', // Presentations klSyllabusCourseVideos: '<div class="kl_syllabus_videos" style="margin-left:10px;">' + ' <h4>Videos</h4>' + ' <p>Text</p>' + '</div>', //// Course Activities //// klSyllabusActivities: '<div id="kl_syllabus_activities">' + ' <h3>LEARNING ACTIVITIES</h3>' + '</div>', // Course Readings klSyllabusCourseReadings: '<div class="kl_syllabus_activities_readings" style="margin-left:10px;">' + ' <h4>Readings</h4>' + ' <p>Text</p>' + '</div>', // Presentations klSyllabusVideoActivities: '<div class="kl_syllabus_activities_videos" style="margin-left:10px;">' + ' <h4>Videos</h4>' + ' <p>Text</p>' + '</div>', // Labs klSyllabusCourseLabs: '<div class="kl_syllabus_labs" style="margin-left:10px;">' + ' <h4>Labs</h4>' + ' <p>Register for CRN: #####.' + ' It is a weekly lab that will allow you to apply what you learn in class.</p>' + '</div>', // Discussions klSyllabusCourseDiscussions: '<div class="kl_syllabus_discussions" style="margin-left:10px;">' + ' <h4>Discussions</h4>' + '<p>Text</p></div>', // Assignments klSyllabusCourseAssignments: '<div class="kl_syllabus_assignments" style="margin-left:10px;">' + ' <h4>Assignments</h4>' + ' <p>Text</p>' + '</div>', // Quizzes klSyllabusCourseQuizzes: '<div class="kl_syllabus_quizzes" style="margin-left:10px;">' + ' <h4>Quizzes</h4>' + ' <p>Text</p>' + '</div>', // Exams klSyllabusCourseExams: '<div class="kl_syllabus_exams" style="margin-left:10px;">' + ' <h4>Exams</h4>' + ' <p>Text</p>' + '</div>', //// Syllabus Policies klSyllabusPolicies: '<div id="kl_syllabus_policies">' + ' <h3>COURSE POLICIES</h3>' + '</div>', // Set notification preferences klSyllabusNotificationPreferences: '<div class="kl_syllabus_notification_preferences" style="margin-left:10px;">' + ' <h4>Canvas Notification Preferences</h4>' + ' <p>Please make sure your Canvas notification preferences are set so that you will receive course announcments <a href="/profile/communication?task=announcements_asap" target="_blank">ASAP</a> or <a href="/profile/communication?task=announcements_daily" target="_blank">Daily</a> <em>(click the appropriate link to set your preference)</em>.</p>' + '</div>', // Instructor Feedback/communication klSyllabusCourseInstructorFeedback: '<div class="kl_syllabus_instructor_feedback" style="margin-left:10px;">' + ' <h4>Instructor Feedback/Communication</h4>' + ' <p>Text</p>' + '</div>', // Student Feedback/communication klSyllabusCourseStudentFeedback: '<div class="kl_syllabus_student_feedback" style="margin-left:10px;">' + ' <h4>Student Feedback/Communication</h4>' + ' <p>Text</p>' + '</div>', // Syllabus Changes klSyllabusCoursesSyllabusChanges: '<div class="kl_syllabus_syllabus_changes" style="margin-left:10px;">' + ' <h4>Syllabus Changes</h4>' + ' <p>This syllabus is subject to change. I will notify the class regarding all changes.' + ' In the event of any discrepancy between this syllabus and content found in Canvas,' + ' the information in&nbsp;<strong>CANVAS WILL TAKE PRECENDENCE</strong>.</p>' + '</div>', // Submitting Electronic Files klSyllabusCourseSubmitFiles: '<div class="kl_syllabus_submitting_files" style="margin-left:10px;">' + ' <h4>Submitting Electronic Files</h4>' + ' <p>All electronic files must be submitted in word(.doc, .docx) or rich text file (.rtf) format, unless otherwise stated.' + ' Please name your file in the using the following convention:&nbsp;<em>Assignmentname_Yourname.doc</em>.</p>' + '</div>', // Course Fees klSyllabusCourseFees: '<div class="kl_syllabus_course_fees" style="margin-left:10px;">' + ' <h4>Course Fees</h4>' + ' <p>There are no course fees associated with this course.</p>' + '</div>', // Late Work klSyllabusCourseLateWork: '<div class="kl_syllabus_late_work" style="margin-left:10px;">' + ' <h4>Late Work</h4>' + ' <p>Late work due to procrastination will not be accepted. Late work due to legitimate emergency may be accepted.' + ' The due date and time associated with each quiz, discussion, exam and assignment are stated clearly in Canvas.</p>' + ' <p>&nbsp;</p>' + '</div>', //// Course Grading //// klSyllabusGrades: '<div id="kl_syllabus_grades">' + '<h3>GRADES</h3>' + ' <p>Your grade is based on the following:</p>' + '</div>', // Course Assignments klSyllabusCourseComponents: '<div class="kl_syllabus_course_assignments" style="margin-left:10px;">' + ' <h4>Course Assignments</h4>' + '</div>', // Grade Percentage Scheme Points klSyllabusCourseGradeScheme: '<div class="kl_syllabus_grade_scheme" style="margin-left:10px;">' + ' <h4>Grading Scheme</h4>' + ' <div id="kl_syllabus_canvas_grade_scheme">&nbsp;</div>' + '</div>',

The Syllabus portion of the USU Design Tools contains primary sections and subsections. The primary sections are:

  • Information (klSyllabusInformation)
  • Outcomes (klSyllabusOutcomes)
  • Resources (klSyllabusResources)
  • Activities (klSyllabusActivities)
  • Grades (klSyllabusGrades)
  • Policies (klSyllabusPolicies)

The klSyllabusPrimarySections contains a list of these sections and the variable where the boilerplate content is specified

The text before the semicolon will be the ID given to the section when added to a course while the text after the semicolon points to the variable containing the boilerplate text.

        //// Array of section names and their corresponding html ////
    klSyllabusPrimarySections: {
        'kl_syllabus_information': klToolsVariables.klSyllabusInformation,
        'kl_syllabus_outcomes': klToolsVariables.klSyllabusOutcomes,
        'kl_syllabus_resources': klToolsVariables.klSyllabusResources,
        'kl_syllabus_activities': klToolsVariables.klSyllabusActivities,
        'kl_syllabus_grades': klToolsVariables.klSyllabusGrades,
        'kl_syllabus_policies': klToolsVariables.klSyllabusPolicies

Each primary section wraps a series of subsections. The code below contains an array for each primary section with the list of subsection ID's and the variables holding the boilerplate text.

To create a new section:

  1. Create a variable like those in the code at the top of this panel.
  2. Create a matching entry in the appropriate subsection array

To remove a section simply comment out or delete the entry from the matching subsection array.

    //// Subsection Arrays ////
    klSyllabusInformationSubSections: {
        'kl_syllabus_instructors': klToolsVariables.klSyllabusInstructors,
        'kl_syllabus_teaching_assistant': klToolsVariables.klSyllabusTeachingAssistants,
        'kl_syllabus_course_description': klToolsVariables.klSyllabusCourseDescription
    klSyllabusOutcomesSubSections: {
        'kl_syllabus_learning_outcomes': klToolsVariables.klSyllabusLearningOutcomes
    klSyllabusResourcesSubSections: {
        'kl_syllabus_canvas_info': klToolsVariables.klSyllabusCanvasInfo,
        'kl_syllabus_software': klToolsVariables.klSyllabusCourseSoftware,
        'kl_syllabus_textbook_readings': klToolsVariables.klSyllabusCourseText,
        'kl_syllabus_videos': klToolsVariables.klSyllabusCourseVideos
    klSyllabusActivitiesSubSections: {
        'kl_syllabus_activities_readings': klToolsVariables.klSyllabusCourseReadings,
        'kl_syllabus_activities_videos': klToolsVariables.klSyllabusVideoActivities,
        'kl_syllabus_labs': klToolsVariables.klSyllabusCourseLabs,
        'kl_syllabus_discussions': klToolsVariables.klSyllabusCourseDiscussions,
        'kl_syllabus_assignments': klToolsVariables.klSyllabusCourseAssignments,
        'kl_syllabus_quizzes': klToolsVariables.klSyllabusCourseQuizzes,
        'kl_syllabus_exams': klToolsVariables.klSyllabusCourseExams
    klSyllabusPoliciesSubSections: {
        'kl_syllabus_notification_preferences': klToolsVariables.klSyllabusNotificationPreferences,
        'kl_syllabus_instructor_feedback': klToolsVariables.klSyllabusCourseInstructorFeedback,
        'kl_syllabus_student_feedback': klToolsVariables.klSyllabusCourseStudentFeedback,
        'kl_syllabus_syllabus_changes': klToolsVariables.klSyllabusCoursesSyllabusChanges,
        'kl_syllabus_submitting_files': klToolsVariables.klSyllabusCourseSubmitFiles,
        'kl_syllabus_course_fees': klToolsVariables.klSyllabusCourseFees,
        'kl_syllabus_late_work': klToolsVariables.klSyllabusCourseLateWork
    klSyllabusGradesSubSections: {
        'kl_syllabus_course_assignments': klToolsVariables.klSyllabusCourseComponents,
        'kl_syllabus_grade_scheme': klToolsVariables.klSyllabusCourseGradeScheme

When a Front Page theme is selected, USU Design Tools creates a default set of navigation links. Among the links created is a “Start Here” page to introduce students to the instructor and the course.

When the “Start Here” link is clicked, it will create a page with the option of importing boilerplate “Start Here” content. The boilerplate text is specified in the klStartHereContent variable.

Recommended Changes: As a bare minimum the following should be customized:
  1. Default phone number (line 10 below)
  2. Default institution email (line 11 below)
  3. Default institution address (line 12 below)
  4. Remove or replace the library website link (line 34 below)
  5. Remove or replace the online services link (line 34 below)
  6. Update Step 5 (beginning on line 41 below) to point to institutional academic integrity resources
klStartHereContent: '<div id="kl_wrapper" class="kl_box_left">' + ' <div id="kl_banner">' + ' <h2><span id="kl_banner_left"> <span class="kl_mod_text">Start Here: </span></span><span id="kl_banner_right">Welcome to the Course</span></h2>' + ' </div>' + ' <div id="Welcome_Letter">' + ' <div id="" style="width: 150px; height: 186px; float: right; margin: 5px 0 10px 10px; border: 1px solid #000; overflow: hidden;"><span style="display: block; margin: 10px;">Instructor Photo Goes Here</span></div>' + ' <p>Text of letter. Introduce yourself, describe how you got into this field and why you teach this class. Give a little insight as to why this course is important.' + ' Let the student know you are a human being invested in the course and in the student&ldquo;s success and get the student as excited as the student will permit himself or herself to be.</p>' + ' <p>First Last</p>' + ' <p>First M. Last, Ph.D.<br />435-797-XXXX' + ' |' + ' | website<br /><span style="font-size: 13px; line-height: 1.5;">Department<br /></span><span style="font-size: 13px; line-height: 1.5;">UMC Old Main Hill, Logan, UT 84322</span></p>' + ' <br />' + ' <p>&nbsp;</p>' + ' <p><em>Now, please follow the steps below to continue your orientation to this course.</em></p>' + ' </div>' + ' <div id="Step_1">' + ' <h3 class="icon-document">Step 1: Read the course syllabus and course schedule</h3>' + ' <p>The <a title="course syllabus" href="/courses/' + coursenum + '/assignments/syllabus">course syllabus</a>' + ' will provide you with the course schedule, course objectives, explanations of assignments and assessments, grading policies, and instructor contact information.' + ' Please read it carefully. You should have a deep familiarity with the schedule and process of the course.</p>' + ' </div>' + ' <div id="Step_2">' + ' <h3 class="icon-materials-required">Step 2: Purchase your textbooks</h3>' + ' <p>Your textbooks include:</p>' + ' <ul>' + ' <li>Author (Year).&nbsp;<em>Title.</em>&nbsp;Location: Publisher [ISBN]</li>' + ' <li>Author (Year).&nbsp;<em>Title.</em>&nbsp;Location: Publisher [ISBN]</li>' + ' <li>Author (Year).&nbsp;<em>Title.</em>&nbsp;Location: Publisher [ISBN]</li>' + ' </ul>' + ' </div>' + ' <div id="Step_3">' + ' <h3 class="icon-search-address-book">Step 3: Library information and student support</h3>' + ' <p>Visit the <a href="">library website</a> to learn <a href="">what services are provided for online students</a>.</p>' + ' </div>' + ' <div id="Step_4">' + ' <h3 class="icon-settings">Step 4: Read the technical requirements page</h3>' + ' <p>The <a href="" target="_blank">Technical Requirements</a> page identifies the browsers, operating systems, and plugins that work best with Canvas.' + ' If you are new to Canvas quickly review the <a href="" target="_blank">Canvas Student Orientation</a> materials.</p>' + ' </div>' + ' <div id="Step_5">' + ' <h3 class="icon-info">Step 5: Read about academic integrity and netiquette</h3>' + ' <p>All students at Utah State University agree on admission to abide by the university <em>Honor Code</em>.' + ' Please review this <a title="Honor Pledge" href="/courses/172956/pages/honor-pledge" target="_blank">Academic Integrity</a> tutorial to familiarize yourself with USU policies and procedures pertaining to the USU honor code.' + ' This tutorial links to an additional, in-depth review on how to' + ' <a title="Academic Dishonesty Defined" href="/courses/172956/pages/academic-dishonesty-defined" target="_blank">avoid plagiarism and cite sources</a>, which you are strongly encouraged to review.' + ' Also, please review the <a href="" target="_blank">core rules of netiquette</a> for some guidelines and expectations on how to behave in an online learning environment.</p>' + ' </div>' + ' <div id="Next_Steps">' + ' <h3 class="icon-module">Next Steps: Begin course content</h3>' + ' </div>' + '</div>'