USU Design Tools Training

4.5: Learning Outcomes Section

Outcomes are statements created to define and/or measure student behavior. Learning outcomes use an action verb to describe the measurable results of learning activities.

The Learning Outcomes section uses a common stem for all outcomes. Modify this stem by selecting the text in the text editor. Delete this stem to use different stems.

The “Bloom’s Revised” tool provides a set of action verbs organized into six levels: remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate, and create. Clicking on a level opens a group of action verbs buttons. The tool can create a new list item or insert the term at the cursor position.

To add learning outcomes

  1. On the Syllabus tool menu, click Learning Outcomes.
  2. On the Outcomes panel, select the Learning Outcomes check box.
  3. Type the text. The tool displays a bullet list of outcomes. Use the Bloom’s Revised tool to add action verbs to the Outcomes list or at the cursor in a paragraph. Delete the list to remove it.
  4. (Optional) Click Yes to include Assessments Tools sub-bullets in the Outcomes list. These are placeholders where instructors can explain how each outcome will be assessed.
    Hint: Use the “Add Outcome/Assessment Pair” button to add more items to the list.
  5. Click Update Syllabus.