Spring 2020 ITLS-5025-601 XL Syllabus

ITLS 5025/6025
SLM Programs and Instructional Development
Spring 2020

Instructor: Marianne F. Bates
Email: marianne.bates@aggiemail.usu.edu

Phone: 801 503 7363 (Can call or text. Please identify yourself.)
Class: Tuesdays 4:30-5:40 pm, Canvas Webex
Text Book: None required.  Online reading materials will be provided. 

Course Description
This course presents a wide variety of instructional activities integral to school library media programs. Activities include reading guidance, instructional design, curriculum development, library skills instruction, and information literacy. Emphasis is on curriculum collaboration with staff within a school setting.

Class Schedule

Jan. 7:  Class introduction and syllabus review, the role of the school library program (Module 1)

Jan. 13:  Assignment #2 due

Jan. 14:  Discussion--Utah core curriculum and AASL National Standards (Module 2)

Jan. 20:  Assignment #3 due

Jan. 21:  Assignment #3 presentations and discussion--the role of the teacher librarian in a PLC (Module 3)

Jan. 24:  Assignment #3 extended due date

Jan. 28:  Discussion--promoting literature and reading engagement (Module 4)

Feb.  4:  Discussion--research (Module 5)

Feb 11:  Reading guidance, research, and collaboration (Module 6)

Feb. 17:  Assignment #4 due

Feb. 18:  Assignment #4 presentations and discussion--promoting literature (Module 7)

Feb. 24:  Assignment #5 due

Feb. 25:  Assignment #5 presentations and discussion--research (Module 8)

Mar. 3:  No Class – Spring Break

Mar. 10:  Discussion--media/digital literacy (Module 9)

Mar. 16:  Assignment #6 due

Mar. 17:  Assignment #6 presentation and discussion--media literacy (Module 10)

Mar. 24:  Collaboration and curriculum mapping (Module 11)

Mar. 30:  Assignment #7 due

Mar. 31:  Assignment #7 presentation and discussion—Collaboration (Module 12)

Apr. 7:  Discussion--Maker Spaces (Module 13)

Apr. 13:  Assignment #8 due

Apr. 14:  ADDIE Model (Module 14)

Apr. 20: Additional Assignment #9 for 6025 students due

Apr. 21: Assignments #8, #9 presentation and discussion--makerspaces, 6025 presentations, Wrap-up (Module 15)


IMPORTANT: Late assignments will not be accepted without pre-approval from the instructor. Cut off time is 4:30 p.m., Mondays.

1) Class Participation and Attendance (75 points)

You will receive 75 points for attendance and participation in class throughout the semester.  The synchronous web broadcast for this course is on Tuesdays, 4:30-5:40 pm. Click on the WebEx link to the left to access the weekly broadcast link. You are required to attend and participate in the weekly broadcast.

*Missing Classes
If you cannot attend class, please notify me ahead of your expected absence. To receive participation credit for a missed class, please write a one-page reflection (around 600 words) of the class missed after you have viewed the class recorded in Webex. The paper needs to be emailed (through Canvas) to me within two weeks of the absence.

2) Utah State Board Library Media Core Curriculum and AASL National Standards. Due Jan. 13 (25 points)

3) Role of the School Librarian in a PLC environment. Due Jan. 20 (50 points)

4) Promoting literature. Due Feb. 17 (50 points)

5) Research. Due Feb. 24 (50 points)

6) Media/Digital Literacy. Due March 16 (25 points)

7) Collaboration. Due March 30 (50 points)

Using the information you have learned about school libraries, curriculum integration, curriculum mapping, ADDIE Model, and collaboration, create a handout and presentation.

8) Makerspaces. Due April 13 (50 points)

“The roles of school library media specialists and school libraries themselves are ever changing in response to the needs of the community and the evolution of human thinking, interaction, and learning processes. A school library makerspace can provide patrons with a place for learning, doing, and creating. It offers a location for tackling inventions, fine arts, crafts, industrial technology, hobbies, e-textiles, food crafting, DIY couture, fabrication, upcycling, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) right in the middle of the information gateway—the library.” (Note: STEAM includes art.)

9) 6025 Students Only.  Additional project for 6025 students due April 9 (100 points)

In addition to developing a lesson plan for Makerspaces, you must complete this additional assignment for 6025 credit:

University Grading Scale
A 100-93% A- 92-90% B+ 89-87% B 86-83%
B- 82-80% C+ 79-77% C 76-73% C- 72-70%
D 69-60% F 59-0%

All other university guidelines will be followed as outlined in the USU Academic Policies and Procedures Manual.